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CMS Tools HTML editor

On this page you see the complete array of HTML editing tools available on the ammonet Gallery CMS. We recommend that you request us to enable just those functions that you plan to use so that display of the editior is as fast as possible.

To view samples of layouts generated by the CMS and HTML editior, please look at the Text Formats, Table Creation and Image Display pages.

General Commands

HelpCopySaveEdit html sourceEmoticons
UndoCutNew documentClean up html codeInsert image
RedoPasteBackground colourInsert timeInsert/edit Flash
FindPaste as plain textInsert horiz. rulerInsert dateLeft to right
Find and replacePaste Word .docInsert special characterView full screenRight to left


Font and Text Format

BoldLeft justifyInsert/edit hyperlinkUnordered listFont colour
ItalicCentreDelete hyperlinkOrdered listSubscript
UnderlineRight justifyInsert/edit anchorIndentSuperscript
Strike throughFull justifyRemove formattingOutdentInsert/edit horiz rule



Insert new tableInsert row aboveInsert column beforeSplit table cells
Row propertiesInsert row belowInsert column after Merge table cells
Cell propertiesRemove rowRemove columnToggle guidlines

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