The ammonet content management system allows you to edit the metatags of each page individually, while the URL rewrite converts database URLs into editable html static page file names.

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File Names and Metatags

Althought the ammonet Gallery CMS (Content Management System) runs off a database, it rewrites URLs so that they appear as simple html URLs that can be read by all search engines. This is in contrast to typical database-generated URLs which often cause search engines to stumble. Similarly, the navigation links generated by our CMS can be followed by all search engines.

When you add a new page, you specify the file name. Files names that reflect page content seem to provide an advantage in some important search engines. Similarly, the navigation links are in effect the anchor text of links to your pages and hence navigation link and file name should be specified in tandem to reflect the content of the respective page.

The title and description metatags are important for all search engines, and keywords metatags are still used by some engines and directories. There is a strong advantage in preparing different metatags for each page, especially if these contain keywords that recur in the body text of the page. Text fields are provided for entry of title, description and keyword metatags for each page.

We provide an additional facility to allow you to optimise your page for the search engines.

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