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Books published by the Hakluyt Society

Publications for anyone interested in exploration during the age of sail, travel journals, exploration and maritime discovery

35. The Arctic Journal of Captain Henry Wemyss Feilden, R.A., the Naturalist in H.M.S. Alert, 1875-1876 / Edited by Trevor H. Levere. 2019, pp. xxxi + 400, 10 maps, 17 colour plates, 68 figures. Includes a 34-page Introduction, appendices, bibliography, indexes.

The first publication of the daily diary of Feilden, one of the two full-time naturalists on what was the first major British naval expedition to the high Arctic.

36. The Javanese Travels of Purwalelana / A Nobleman’s Account of his Journeys across the Island of Java 1860-1875 / Translated, with an introduction and notes by Judith E. Bosnak and Frans X. Koot. 2020, pp. xxii + 272, 4 maps, 24 colour plates, 49 photographs, 5 diagrams. Introduction, appendixes, bibliography, glossary, index.


The journal of Raden Mas Arya Candranegara V recorded on four journeys across Java between the years 1860 and 1875. Descriptions of cities, temples, landscapes, etc., as well as the latest technological developments.

37. The Voyages and Manifesto of William Fergusson, a Surgeon of the East India Company 1731-1739 / Edited by Derek L. Elliott. 2021, pp. xviii + 185, 8 maps, 4 colour plates, 9 monochrome illustrations, including a 33-page introduction, bibliography, index, etc.


Fergusson’s insightful diaries recall his experiences as a young man travelling the world during his apprenticeship. They cover four voyages, one in home waters and the others to the East, calling at ports in Africa, Arabia, India, South East Asia and China.

38. Spanish and Portuguese Conflict in the Spice Islands: the Loaysa Expedition to the Moluccas 1525-1535. From Book XX of The General and Natural History of the Indies by Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés / Edited by Glen F. Dille. 2021, pp. xix+194, 6 maps, 26-page introduction, notes, bibliography.


A translation of thirty-one chapters of Oviedo’s History describing two little known but remarkable voyages that followed in the wake of Magellan: the first led by García Jofre de Loaysa, and the second, a relief expedition, led by Alvaro Saavedra. An Appendix includes the ‘Narrative of Andrés de Urdaneta’.

39. English Travellers to Venice 1450-1600 / Edited by Michael G. Brennan. 2022, pp. xxxiv+433, 16 maps, 27 colour plates, 45 b/w illustrations, 29-page introduction, timeline, appendix, bibliography, index.


Includes 35 separate accounts, drawn from contemporary manuscripts and printed sources, of the experiences of a wide range of English travellers to Venice. The Introduction assesses elements of Anglo-Venetian relationships during the period.

40. The Levant Voyage of the Blackham Galley (1696 – 1698) / The Sea Journal of John Looker, Ship’s Surgeon. / Edited by Colin Heywood and Edmond Smith. 2022. pp. 280, 16 colour plates, 3 maps, index.