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Server Colocation

Companies new to server ownership are sometimes at first reluctant to house their servers at locations remote from their company premises. However, the price and connectivity advantages completely outweigh any disadvantage in not having direct physical access to your machine.

Some reasons why you should use ammonet InfoTech Server Colocation

Our NOC was built in 2008 and is absolutely state-of-the-art.

Rackspace in Zurich, Switzerland is available according to your requirements. You can install your systems in rack cabinets with the following sizes: 1/4 (11 U), 1/2 (22 U) and 1/1 (47 U). A direct uplink to our backbone ensures an excellent Internet connection. Independent access to the Colocation site is ensured at all times (24/7) through our fingerprint recognition access system.

The emergency power supply consists of a diesel generator and UPS. We have a gas-based fire extinguishing system, video surveillance and strict access control (fingerprint recognition).

Power for server - duplicate power cables available.

A sophisticated redundant ventilation system ensures efficient cooling.

We provide an inexpensive, off-site backup option via a private fibre optic ring. (You don't pay for backup bandwidth.)

With the remote reboot option you can trigger a cold start of your server without having to be physically present at the site. This can for instance be useful when installing a new kernel. Simply instruct the boot loader to use the new kernel only during the next restart. If your machine freezes during a restart due to a kernel panic, you can bring the server back to life with a cold start.

We can install KVM over IP devices for you. KVM can also be requested (payment charged by the hour).

We also offer Linux server support (upgrades, software installation, security etc) and/or fully managed Linux servers.

You can easily ship your server to us in Zürich by courier, or, if you do not already have a server, we can assemble a server to your specifications for highly competitive prices - Intel Barebones.

Our membership with RIPE enables us to issue IP addresses in your name. As a result, your details can be retrieved by a whois query.

As a Colocation client you will receive your own VLAN and therefore have personal, secured Internet access via our backbone.

All server systems are connected directly to our high-performance backbone with a speed of 100 Mbps.

Server Colocation and Rack prices depend on the physical size of the server (1U, 2U, 4U etc), number of servers, bandwidth and support.

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