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Is it becoming evident that you have chosen the wrong developer for your web site or other IT project?

Project recovery

It is important to assess realistically the progress of your project. If you have chosen developers who do not have excess capacity, progress might be slower than expected but prices should be good. On the other hand, if progress reports seem overly optimistic when compared with the development site that you have access to, you might have chosen developers who are out of their depth.

And suddenly no progress for no apparent reason? Maybe a key developer has departed and left inadequate notes or has yet to be replaced.

Worse, the "finished" project has been delivered and is nowhere near what you expected. Of course, be sure to distinguish between bugs, which are inevitable and will be fixed, and a fundamentally badly conceived approach to your project.

Worst of all - the developers seem to have lost interest in your project. It hasn't been delivered and there is no evidence that it ever will be. Your e-mails to them elicit vague replies or seem to vanish into the aether.

In case of doubts, ammonet can assess the state of your current project in terms of whether it is on-track, where the risks are and whether the planning and reporting is in place to guarantee success.

If you have lost all confidence in your developer, ammonet can take over a project that is already in development but which has started to spiral out of control. We will propose a solution to bring your project back on track and to complete it to your satisfaction.


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