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Potential customers visiting your web site often form an opinion about your company in just seconds. Do you look professional? Stable? Capable? Does your web site visually support the claims you make in your content . . . or does it detract from your message and work against you?

Here are some of the ways in which ammonet design services can help you project your company's qualities through a great web site:

1) ammonet web site designs are original. We build your web pages from the ground up. We start the creative process by first listening to your goals and understanding the purpose of your site (Design steps to consider before starting).

2) We provide preliminary web page mockups. Why should you pay a designer until you know that he can give you what you want? Before any development begins, we prepare preliminary mock-ups to help you get the right look.

3) We perform usability testing. There's nothing great about a site that looks good… but doesn't work! Some web designers do nothing more than check code to make sure your forms work . . . your animation operates . . . your links are live. We do that too. But these are basic, superficial details that every designer should include in their services. We make certain that your site functions on all widely used browsers, that your forms work for users of firewalls, and many other details often overlooked.

4) We take the time to do the job properly. While many other web design companies rush through one job to get to the next, we prefer to take on fewer projects… spend more time on each… and earn loyal repeat business. Our primary goal is not speed, it's quality. We'd rather do it right the first time and have you be happy. We'll listen closely to your suggestions and we suggest alternatives that may work better for you. Of course, the final say is always yours.

5) We carry out search engine optimisation. Some search engines are extremely finicky. They totally ignore some pages and their owners never know why. But we do. And as part of our design service, we make sure your pages are optimised for even the most eccentric search engines. We are expert at metatag and index page text optimisation (See Search engine marketing for more details).

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